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Yew Tree (Financial Services) Ltd

Yew Tree House
31 Hartley Old Road

Registered in England No. 03177705

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Financial Services

Originally designed to improve the interest rates obtained by solicitors on clients’ accounts, this service is also available to companies and individuals who wish to increase the returns which may be obtained on deposits with banks and building societies.

How the Service works
In order to enable Yew Tree Financial Services to comply with each client’s requirements, and to provide a bespoke service, the following information is requested:

  1. The amount of the funds available.
  2. The period(s) for which the funds may be placed.
  3. The rate(s) which are obtained on the client’s existing deposits and with whom they are placed.
  4. Any restrictions, whether relating to covenant, size, country of origin or other, relating to institutions with whom funds may be placed.

Yew Tree Financial Services will investigate and negotiate to advise the best deposit rate(s) for suitable deposit options of which it is aware on dates specified by the client.

The client retains full discretion as to whether to place funds with institutions introduced by Yew Tree Financial Services.

Yew Tree Financial Services will assist in any formalities necessary to establish new accounts.

All deposits will be placed directly with institutions and payment of interest and repayment of capital will be made directly to the client’s nominated bank account. No funds will pass through Yew Tree Financial Services or any third party’s account.

Reports illustrating the enhanced returns will be issued quarterly.

There are no upfront or on-going fees.

Yew Tree Financial Services charges commission at the rate of 20% of the gross interest rate benefit obtained as a result of dealing with institutions which it has introduced, payable when interest is credited to the client’s account. Thus, if the client obtains an interest rate 1.0% per annum higher than with its existing bankers, a commission of 0.2% per annum calculated on the amount of the deposit is payable to Yew Tree Financial Services.

No commission or contribution to the costs of Yew Tree Financial Services will be paid by any institution with whom deposits are placed.

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